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Synopsis of Clinical Ophthalmology als Buch von...
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Synopsis of Clinical Ophthalmology:Expert Consult - Online and Print. 3rd Edition Jack J. Kanski, Brad Bowling

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Cataloguing Outside the Box - A Practical Guide...
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A practical guide to cataloguing and processing the unique special collections formats in the Browne Popular Culture Library (BPCL) and the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives (MLSRA) at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) (e.g. fanzines, popular sound recordings, comic books, motion picture scripts and press kits, popular fiction). Cataloguing Outside the Box provides guidance to professionals in library and information science facing the same cataloguing challenges. Additionally, name authority work for these collections is addressed. Provides practical guidelines and solutions for cataloguing challenges Draws on the authors varied experiences with these special materials Addresses specific, unique special collections materials Patricia K. Falk is the Special Collections Cataloguer at Bowling Green State University and works both in the MLSRA and the BPCL. She catalogues print and non-print materials and is an independent contributor to the NACO Music Project Funnel.

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